One of the first trips I made since leaving my role as Head of Global Music with Coca-Cola on Dec 31 2017, was to visit the Berklee College of Music campus in Valencia, Spain. It is something I have been wanting to do for years and I was lucky to spend a week there with the students and facility holding panels and mentoring sessions, spending as much time with the students as possible.


There were two reasons this was important to me, one I graduated from Berklee in Boston and felt that mix of excitement and utter terror around finding my way into the music industry.


Secondly it was a great reset for me as I enter into this new phase and to be able to share the mutual excitement with the master degree students who are entering their first phase.


The knowledge and practical experience this group is entering the marketplace with far outweighs anything I had access to at that stage in my life. And this group is already working not just to develop a new crop of musical talent, but looking at the state of the industry with the intent to innovate and improve upon the current business models.


The students today are entering a world where the music industry has become the music ecosystem. There are so many more opportunities with media companies, tech platforms, communications and content companies, live events and brands across categories looking to connect with audiences through music.


I left the week excited for them, as they are soon to take their passion in music and make it their careers. I also left excited for the music makers and the business of music, this group will have a massive positive impact that will continue the innovation and growth in music.