The poster child of audio branding: Interview with Joe Belliotti

Reese: Joe, thanks for taking the time for this interview. I’d like to talk to you about decision-making processes around music in brand communication.


Beliotti: Let me warn you ahead of time: I’m extremely passionate about this topic and I tend to go on and on. (Laughs). So to start off: Music, to me, is another way to tell a story. And there are two ways in which music enters our brand strategy at Coca-Cola: One to amplify and extend the reach of our campaigns. For example for the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games or Christmas, we traditionally create our own songs, or “anthems”, which we use throughout the life of the campaign, including multiple points of communication. When we are sourcing existing music for a creative ad, our agencies have a voice in picking the music that we use. It’s a very collaborative effort....


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