I wanted to take a look at three specific areas of where the future of sound is headed. While this is by no means the only ways we will engage with sound, these are areas that are closer to becoming household norms than we may think.

Alexa, Siri, Bixby…

Seems the near future will have no keyboards, no remote controls, no need to do anything other than speak your wish into the magic lamp (or more accurately microphone). As someone who still types with two fingers I’m more than OK with this. The way we engage with our devices will become audio lead. The act of searching and its results will be audio. Brands will need to connect with the users of devices with an audio result. One that is useful, non-disruptive and on point.

 Google Home, Amazon Echo, HomePod…

Audio based controls will enable more audio based returns. Music. News. Weather. Podcasts. Humor. Sports Scores. Recipes. Event Listings. And More. All delivered with no friction to your ears. With the ears now at the forefront (figuratively of course) of how we connect with information, brands will need to crack this new opportunity. To deliver meaningful, useful brand messages and emotional cues to the ears.

Autonomous (Self Driving) Cars

The big winners here will be the entertainment industry (in all its facets). With technology comes convenience, with convenience comes time. And we fill that time with entertainment.  With the first phase of entertainment opportunities in self driving cars being audio lead (music, podcasting, streaming, etc…). The things we love during  our drive time will only become more relevant.