NAME THAT BRAND…(audio signatures)

The power of sound is not only emotional, it is biological. Many studies have been done to show how sounds can trigger deeply hidden memories or change the emotional state of people. This why music is so infectious, so much a part of human nature. This why marketers look to music to help build the emotional connection between their brands and consumers.

For now let’s look at a simple, basic convergence of sound and brand. Audio Signatures, Sonic Logos, Sound Trademarks – there are many ways to refer to them but these are the little sounds that can instantly evoke a brand into the mind of a listener.

This is not new news to marketers. It is actually hard to find the first use of sound in this way. Many people are surprised to find out the classic, iconic MGM lion roar is actually a trademarked sound. We have a lion named Jackie to thank for that roar.

These sounds can stick with people and becomes part of pop culture. The sound of a brand can endure longer than most other pieces of marketing, this gives brands even more opportunities as consumer attention turns to new ways of engaging through technology.

And while most brands didn’t have  Amazon Echo or Google Home specifically in mind while creating their sounds, they surely will from now on.